Fish Poem

by Myles Hollis for Prof Howard's Natural Science course

If I were a fish
I’d be a pufferfish
puff, puff, pass
a fist.
Because my eyes burn
with the rage of a thousand scorned,
left for dead
those who bore a shade of lead.
Systematic perpetuation of marginal-
sized fish
examined and used like a petri dish.

Neil Shubin you rock
I thank your mum’s biological clock
for signaling your arrival
and almost immediate reprisal
of fish graves.
For a second I believed you,
For a minute I followed you,
After an hour I inherited you.

At first I thought i was deceived
but then i was relieved,
to find out that i didn’t have an inner fish
living in my inner shit.
A slow moving glob of human
amassing in my intestines
and seeping through Devonian
anal membranes,
to which only the sphincter
of the finder-keeper
may exude, rather exhume
devastating crime scenes
created by prehistoric volcanic means.
Larger than life knowledge-volcanoes
erupting in Jennie Clack’s
Greenlandish crack
of sedimentary homos.
Not sexual, nor sapiens,
rather “-genous”
of aliens.

just four terms of the alien species
Spoken in tongues of fish
to be lost
before the invention of cable and dish.
Yes, the era of the now
when we systematically slaughter
black humans like cows.

Fish inhabit and coexist
so I don’t understand
why humans compete via
hissy fit.
All we need is love
and a little bit of emotion
to find the right devotion
or lotion
to lubricate my mind
and slip inside my hind.
Make love not war
and peek inside my top drawer,
there you’ll find the white satin
to roll into a post-treaty signing

Illuminating, exhilarating,
exorbitantly orgasmic!
Organisms menstruating
brown chunks of life,
that not only evolve,
but show evolutionary strife!

Hedgehog fear not,
Don’t fret, I haven’t forgot,
your spiky brown hair
resembles a fish and not a bear!

DNA and RNA strands
smuggling hedgehog contraband,
across generations
and through cultural appropriations
always deliver the same message
no matter your phylogenic baggage!

Human or humane
don’t slaughter your main ho,
just stay mellow fellow
And say hello to your ancestors
with hegemonic baggage
who wore spikes and expertly managed
to stimulate the genealogical process.

Transcription then translation
shouldn’t be wasted on premature ejaculation,
nor studied in cell-block dorm rooms;
instead, hedgehog, pick up the broom
and clean up the mess
before your function begins to digress
over time
and we humans lose the need for
the sublime
bone, 2 bones, little bones,
and finger bones.

Quintessential for humans.
Unnecessary for dolphins,
are the micro muscles in the hand
specific for creatures on land.
Although we differ in appearance,
we make up for it in
the diamond-like glance
of the hedgehog gene

Me, the human
and you, the hedgehog
have but a digit in common
in our architectural analog-
ous puss of DNA
from ancient periods
of bedrock dust,
to archeological wistful gusts
of magic.

Atheist, nay agnostic disbeliefs
led my pink weave of lobes
into a sea of spell-binding robes
of wizards and scientology
despite simple biology.

Divine or derived
from natural selection,
fish are family,
not our source
of menial consumption!

“Aye,” exclaims a mid-air captain
of a white-draped sail
in the bottleneck of a cabernet sauvignon
I bought on sale.
Plucked and chucked
into the ocean
to swim along the currents
of large sperm
is the message I have to my
gilled brethren
saved from an economy of scales.
Not a human,
Nor Tiananmen
but a family of marlin
that swam and planned
in times before
Cro-Magnon land.

Aloof bounty of fins
never to remember where
life begins,
share the most disgraced
bodily sin.
A push,
a grunt,
an evolutionary front,
of a crappy police man-hunt.
Lock us up and throw away the key
because this is the reality.
For blacks, and browns alike
oppressed by blue blood whites.

A letter of desperation
to the fish of our generation,
Subpoena to marinas
to spread the word
of our pending freedoms
from wrongful imprisonment
by a shark eat carp government.

It reads,
it pleads,
for them to come back
and put the team on their back.
as we ride to success
in schools of scales
during evolutionary recess.
Let us teach the young
to be mindful,
because the reason they aren’t hung
is due to a pescatarian hum.
They hum the hymns of hatred and fear
To believe in color distinction
and disregard equality this year.

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